Friday, July 26, 2013

Free Books!!

It's the final day of the Blogger Book Fair and I've had some great guests on my blog to talk about their wonderful and exciting books. Today, I'd like to talk a little about my own books. I'll be giving away some free copies of each so if you're interested, please leave a comment and let me know. Below, you can see the cover art and a random paragraph from each book.

He paused at the curtain, listening to the conversation going on within the temple.  Daemon's voice yes, and there, Valeria.  No doubt about that, he could sense the subtle pull of her magic with every word she spoke.


How he hated her, as he had never hated anyone before. He would give almost anything to be rid of her, but there was no way out of this marriage. Daemon pressed a hand to the side of his head, where a dull pain throbbed to the beat of his heart. He had meant to tell Gazella everything, to try and explain so she could understand and perhaps be less hurt. But if it was rumors and whispers she was so fond of, let her get her information from them. He would tell her nothing.



There is nothing as stomach churning as finding yourself looking up at an angry dragon. She glared at both of us, no doubt trying to decide which one she wanted to unleash her fury on first.
The screeching alarm, the pulsing light, ceased and Charlie knew that he was dead. Funny, he would have expected being ripped to bloody bits to hurt more. But there was pain, in his ribs, his knees, his hand, and surely you weren’t supposed to feel pain after you were dead. And there, the rapid beat of his heart, mirrored in Spree, and that he was sure you wouldn’t feel if you were dead.
Charlie thought on all she had said for a long moment. There was some fragmented memory of a faded dream in his mind, a dream of a war with great winged things in the sky. But it was a dim memory and elusive and somehow not his own.
Micayta found herself staring into a rather bright pair of brown eyes and quickly dropped her gaze to her brother’s face. His skin was pale with a faintly blue tint; ice clung to his eyelashes. She pulled off her gloves and rubbed his cheeks, hoping to get the circulation going again. He was so cold, not like a living a person at all. A flash of her father set her eyes to tearing despite her best efforts to bite back the unwelcome emotion.
Staring back into his dark eyes, Jada felt a little flutter in her chest. He had the kind of eyes a girl might lose herself in if she weren’t careful, eyes that gazed at her with a heat that was both frightening and exhilarating.
Red fire and blue met to blast the double doors outward. Jada was off and running down the porch steps even as a shower of splinters rained down all around her. There were cries and startled shouts, but she paid no heed to any of this. She called up her flaming sword and met the first guard brave enough to step to her. Sparks flew as fire and steel collided.


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