Saturday, March 2, 2013

Book Review: Of Water and Madness by Katie Jennings

Blurb: Book four of the Dryad Quartet. His name was Liam, and he was Water. His heart was as expansive and deep as the ocean, with emotions that could both rage like storms and soothe like a clear and quiet stream. He lived for the smell of rain, and thrived in the knowledge that it was he who made it fall. But while most everything in his life seemed to be going great, there was still this impending doom just over the horizon, threatening to wipe his home completely off the map. All he had to do was rise to the challenge and fight once the war came. But there was just one little problem: he had gone, quite simply, mad. Not that he knew it, nor did anyone else. But he wasn’t himself any longer, and the truth behind the lies would eventually come out. And when it did, Liam would discover the burned bridges and the destroyed hearts he’d left in his wake. It was a funny thing, madness. A funny, cruel, and violently destructive thing.
This book focuses on Liam as the final confrontation with Dante draws near. Dante's secret weapon drives a wedge between the inhabitants of Euphora, causing them to turn on one another.  The books in this series really tug at your heart strings and get your emotions involved. The characters are so real, that you just can't help rooting for their success and happiness. The story flows effortlessly and the battle at the end is epic. This was a really good series and one that I would happily recommend to anyone who likes a little magic and danger mixed in with heartfelt and beautiful romance.

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