Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Here is the monthly update on how my novels are coming along.

Flight Of Dragons:   The print version is being worked on now and should be available for purchase soon.

Shadow Of The Dragon: Still waiting for an editor. I was hoping this book would come out this year, but they tell me there are twenty books ahead of mine so it looks like it will probably be next year.

Shadow Born: Time Of Shadows Series Book One: Coming in December 2012 from Double Dragon Books.

Firebrand: Firebrand Series Book One: It was a no from TOR so I've submitted to Double Dragon and now I'm waiting for a reply.

Elfblood: Elfblood Series Book One: The first round of edits are finished and the book is back with my editor.

The Silver Catacombs: Elfblood Series Book Two: I'm waiting for a reply from the publisher, but since they took the first book the odds are good they'll take this one too.

Shadow Prince: Time of Shadow Series Book Two: Working on the second round of edits.

Ten Kingdoms: Firebrand Series Book Two: Fifteen chapters into the second draft.

DragonStar: Four chapters into the second draft.

Web Of Light: One chapter into the second draft.

City Of Magic: Elfblood Series Book Three: Four chapters into the first draft.

Shadow King: Time Of Shadows Series Book Three: One chapter into the first draft.

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