Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Current Projects

Firebrand: I'm sixteen chapters into the final draft with three chapters to go, so Firebrand is almost ready for submission. This is my main project and I've managed to write a chapter a day on it, so it should be finished on Friday.
The Silver Catacombs: This is the sequel to Elfblood. I'm five chapters into the first draft of this one. This is a secondary project, so I don't get a chapter a day done on it. But once Firebrand is done this one will move up to become my main project.
F2 (Working Title): This is the sequel to Firebrand. It doesn't have a name yet, but I expect to have one by the time I finish the first draft. That's usually how it works. I'm two chapters into the first draft.
Shadow Prince: This is the sequel to Shadow Born and the second book in my Time Of Shadows Series. I'm one chapter into the first draft.
Web Of Light: This is my newest project, which I started after completing Elfblood. I'm feeling very enthused with this project, though I'm only one chapter into the first draft.

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