Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Fairy's Plight

Here is story I wrote in 2004. One night I was half asleep and the story played out in my mind. So, I got up, I wrote it down, and then I went back to bed. The next day I looked it over once, then I sent it off. It was published in 2005 by Kwil Kids Quarterly. My first published story.

The fairy landed on the bright yellow petal of a sunflower and sat to rest her weary wings. She turned her sapphire eyes to the azure sky, searching for the dark shadow of an ebony wing.

The raven had chased her far, a day and a night from her home, and there had been little chance to rest. Exhausted though she was, she knew there could only be a moment's respite from her flight. Even now, she could hear the hateful beating of his wings, a beating that was mirrored in her heart.

She rose to hover over the flower and saw his fiendish form approaching with the swiftness of death. Away she flew, her wings fluttering with all her strength, her body trembling in terror.

Into a wooded glen, where the shadows were long upon the earth, she flew. Here she hoped to hide herself from his piercing gaze.

But he was close behind, his shrieks piercing her soul like the cold tip of an arrowhead. No matter how she tried, she could not escape, for he was always a bare pace behind.

The sun set on the second day. Darkness fell. The fairy pushed on, too filled with horror to dare glance back. As stars filled the night sky with their cold light, she sank to the earth. She could fly no further.

As she lay upon the ground, she cried to the moon spirits for aid. Then the raven was above her, blocking the light until all she could see was the abyss of her own demise.

She waited for the fatal plunge, but it never came. A falcon dove from the heavens and tore the raven away. Her prayers were answered. Her life was spared.

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